Head chef of Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

Antonio Zannotti is the Chef of PEPENERO Pizza & Pasta. He came from the small town in Italy Torremaggiore in the province of Foggia. At the beginning of his career Antonio was working as Chef de Partie in hotel Roxy in Pinnarela di Cervia. He gained valuable experience working in different cities in Italy. Before arrival to Prague he was working in Verona in the restaurant “Ai Cillegi” as the assistant of chef. He came to Czech Republic in 2013 and while in Prague he was working in Locando Marino restaurant before he joined the PEPENERO team in August 2014.

His passion is traditional Italian cuisine. However besides the classic Italian recipes Antonio likes to create unique and absolutely new dishes. Moreover, his hobby is vegetable and fruit carving, he likes to form beautiful objects from simple things, because he thinks that anything can be seen as an art piece if you put your soul into it.


Chef of Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

Franco was born in Argentina. In 2003, he fulfilled his dream and traveled to Italy, the country of his ancestors. He began to study and work in the kitchen, which was his passion from an early age. After eight years of work in several cities of the Marche region and some internships in Spain, he moved to the Czech Republic, where he continues his gastronomic adventure.

Franco is very close to the Mediterranean cuisine with a strong preference for meat in general.


Chef of Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

Alfonso Di Ianni was born in a small town in the Puglia region of southern Italy. After graduating from gastronomy, Alfonso worked as a pastry-cook at the Hotel Garden in Milano Marittima. Other valuable experiences he gained during his time in England and Germany. Thanks to his studies, as well as cooperation with important chefs, he acquired many culinary skills. Eventually, hit by the beauty of Prague, decided to stay in the Czech Republic, where he became part of Pepenero Italian and international restaurant in October 2016.

His greatest passion is confectionery and desserts. He loves to create innovative dishes, whether linked to tradition or based on his own experience.


Chef of Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

Angelo was born in S. Giovanni Rotondo a small village located in the center of the Gargano promontory. Given the culinary richness of his land being transmitted by women of his family and in love with the kitchen, he decided to study gastronomy for 5 years in Vieste. During the summer breaks he worked in Portorotondo in Sardinia as an ice-cream maker, in the same Vieste as a cook and in Emilia Romagna at the Cormoran hotel in Cattolica, where he scrupulously followed the chef in all the preparations trying to “steal the job”. He also performed internships in high-level places such are the International hotel in Rimini, Vicolo Santa Lucia in Cattolica with the star chef Stefano Ciotti and Carlton beach hotel in Den Haag, Netherlands. In January 2012 he arrived in Prague. He started working at Pepenero for the first year, then he decided to make new experiences at the restaurant Kogo, Locanda Marino and hotel Le Palais to expand his knowledge with the European languages and culinary culture. At the beginning of 2019, he decided to return to Pepenero, which in the meantime established itself as a large Italian restaurant in the Czech capital. Nowadays he deals with pastry and fresh pasta preparation.


Pizza chef of Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

Martin Podoba is the pizza chef in Pepenero Pizza & Pasta. Although Martin was born in Prague, he has always been attracted by Italy with all the beauty it offers. This was one of the reasons why he became interested in the preparation of Italian specialties and especially pizza. After the course basics of Italian cuisine he began his career as a pizza chef in pizzeria Padova in 2006. During his profession he had many opportunities to learn from and to cooperate with many experienced masters in the field and thus to refine his skills with baking pizzas, and to gain valuable experience associated with its preparation.

Martin likes his job, because he is interested in the whole production process and baking, and also has a big passion for traditional Italian cuisine and quality food. The greatest joy then makes him a compliment from a satisfied customer, all the more from Italian.


Pizza chef of Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

Emanuele Stella is originally from Sardinia. He has many years of experience in the field of pizza baking. He grew up in a bakery and a pastry shop, and thanks to the activity of his family he gained valuable basic knowledge, which he then tried to improve more and more. He later moved to the Czech Republic to pass his personal experience and at the same time to get an inspiration from another country.

Pizza was born as a low-class food but nowadays every social class eat it. It’s a dish that is evolving day by day, so people never get bored of it and for that reason it is so loved.