Handmade Pasta

Everybody loves pasta, and so do we!
We prepare fresh handmade pasta on a daily basis as well as most of our dishes.
We have a selection of dried pasta from one of the best Italian producers, Rummo and we also offer gluten free options for most of our first courses.
We make our pasta as well as our sauces: traditional, seasonal and always based on our Client’s tastes.

Wood Oven


PepeNero’s pizza is crunchy, rich and fragrant. The dough rises for at least 24 hours to ensure lightness and digestibility. The combined gas and wood-fired oven allows temperature control together with the unique aroma of wood.

Discover our selection of


PepeNero’s chefs prepare some of the most amazing traditional Italian desserts: tiramisù, panna cotta and the wonderful hot chocolate flan with vanilla ice cream that you see in this picture. When you order your meal don’t forget to leave room for the dessert!

Chef’s Selection


Italian cuisine is all about ingredients. Many Italian dishes feature a few key ingredients.
Understanding Italian cuisine is relatively easy with most culinary experts agreeing that Italian cooking is mainly about simplicity; simple recipes, quality ingredients, cooking techniques and passion. However ingredients and technique are some of the two most important components of Italian cooking.
This is why PepeNero has selected some of the best Italian producers to ensure quality, consistency and excellent taste.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olio Peranzana

The Peranzana is an olive variety that is grown in a particular area of the Upper Tavoliere of Puglia and precisely in the countryside of Torremaggiore; Puglia, is the region of Italy with the highest production of olives thanks to the conformation of its mainly flat territory and for the temperate climate, the expanse of these wonderful trees makes Puglia one of the most beautiful regions of our country.
Peranzana oil produced at the oil mill Principe, is fruity, smooth and very rich in flavor. It is the perfect complement on bread as an appetizer, on salads and also with meat and fish.


Premium quality beef

Fassona Piemontese

The “Piemontese” is one of the main Italian meat breeds. PepeNero buys the Fassona Piemontese from the La Granda Consortium in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont.
La Granda is a Slow Food Presidium, and aims to enhance the consumption of quality meat.
The breeders follow strict guidelines to ensure the perfect balance between environmental well-being and the quality of the meat that arrives in Prague for PepeNero.

Pata Negra


One famous breed of Iberico hogs is called pata negra (literally “black paw”) because their hooves are black.
The free-range environment in which the pigs live has a supply of olives, berries, acorns and other nuts, which the pigs eat: this very special diet affects the flavor of the meat which is typical for the pata negra.
PepeNero selects the best Jamon iberico from small Spanish producers. The texture of the ham is silky and smooth, the taste is nutty and rich.
Pair Pata Negra ham with a chilled bottle of white wine from the alps or a glass of bubbles.